Day 13: Timeless Disney Channel shows

I remember when I was a kid, every Friday after school I would watch these classic Disney channel shows and forget about my problems at school. Each of them had their own style of comedy and tone to make not only make people but also be relatable at the same time. The proud family: for portraying a wacky but universal family despite their color. Lizzie McGuire: for showing trials and tribulations of raising a teenage girl. That’s so raven: for showing it’s okay to be yourself not matter what people think. Even Stevens: for showing authenticity of sibling rivalry but still needing each other at the end of the day. The suite life of Zack and Cody: for showing that you should appreciate small things and not be entitled to everything. All of those life lessons struck a chord with people in the 2000s. They see themselves in those characters and can relate what they go through week in and week out. That’s what I love about these series: quality writing, relatability and authenticity. #blog #bloggerstyle #blogger #disneychannel #theproudfamily #lizziemcguire #evenstevens #thatssoraven #suitelifeofzackandcody #quality #lifelessons #lifelessonslearned #autism #autismspectrum #disney #sitcoms #classicsitcoms #television #tv #tvshows #2000s #teenagers #families #oddball #entertainment #comedy #hollywood #timeless #testoftime #series

Day 12 : Unemployment for autistics

Eighty five percent(85%) of us autistics are in fact facing the exact same scenario because I believe that the employers somewhat believe that we won’t handle the structures of how to perform a job unprompted, even though we are college graduates. he majority of jobs in today’s world require keen socialization, which is something we’re not naturally adept at. Many of us can learn how to improve our social skills to a degree, but we’ll never have the natural social abilities NT people seem to have. I also think a big factor is the alarming lack of support services for adults on the spectrum in regards to employment training and such. I just hope us autistics will eventually get meaningful jobs but with today’s climate and how the economy has changed, it’s gonna be a challenge. But we are up for the challenge. #blog #blogger #autism #unemployment #unemployed #unemployedlife #autistics #jobs #jobsearch #jobhiring #neurologicaldisorder #disability #frustrated #climatechange #disabilities #autismspeaks #suffering #underemployed #congress #jobhunting #jobhunt #recruitment #recruiting #education #hiring #rejection

Day 11: 90s Era

I’m a product of one of the greatest eras that I was born into. Growing up, I would always come from school and watch classic TGIF and Nick shows like Clarissa explains it all All that, Full House and Boy meets World all the time. I couldn’t watch show like Frasier and Seinfeld because I was too young at the time. I also miss quality black tv shows like living single, the fresh prince of bel air, all that, Martin, family matters, girlfriends, kenan and kel that made me want to get into the acting business (still working on it). 90s had a variety of music that people dug like R&B, Hip Hip, Alternative, Singer-Songwriter, Pop and County. Nobody sounded same on the radio. Everybody sounded different and there was no auto tune. Let’s be honest, all of us took this classic era for granted. The only thing we can do is just look back and remember what we love the most about that era.

Day 10: Jaleel White

Day 10: Steve Urkel- When I was a kid growing up, I didn’t see any other black tv characters that I look up to and relate to on an emotional level. That is until I saw Jaleel white’s brilliant performance as the lovable geek Steve Urkel on the TGIF ABC classic comedy Family Matters. He was smart, compassionate, intellectual, witty, confident but vulnerable and sensitive all at the same time. Everybody loved him in the 90s. I was no different. He spoke to me because I truly felt that nobody understood me or be friends with me or be my boyfriend because I was an outcast. But seeing him on tv week in and week out made me realize that good things can truly happen for me eventually. It’s sad there’s no more characters like him in this generation of television.

Day 9: Oversharing

Less is more- In the past, I have had a tendency to overshare information to people who may or may interested at all and prefer not to know. As a result, people stop wanting to have anything to do with me anymore because it made feel uncomfortable even though it was never my intention to begin with. Even it’s a true event, from their point of view, they just don’t wanna to think about it that much because it has nothing to do with them. However, whenever I bring it up to them, it just makes it worse. So sometimes less is more when it comes to sharing information to people who you hardly know. They’ll just take it personally and cut you out of their memories for good. I learned that the hard way. So everyone: less is more when it sharing information to everyone.

Day 8: Moving Forward

Day 8: One of the biggest flaws I have and still working on is having the tendency to bring up my past misdeeds due to my disability I’ve made in and out of school. When I bring it up to people I casually knew from high school they take it the wrong way and tell me that I shouldn’t have said that since we were never actual friends at all and this is something they don’t need to know and I should leave them alone. It sucks but that’s how life is. People you hardly knew don’t wanna about something deeply personal and it’s making them uncomfortable talking to you again after this revelation. My family feels the same way whenever I bring up past arguments we have had. It only makes it worse. Just let it go and keep it moving. So everyone: Don’t don’t dwell on the past too much. I was only a kid and didn’t know any better. Who does? Just learn from it and move forward in life.

Day 7: My Autism Diagnosis

13 years ago, I was struggling profusely emotionally, mentally and academically since I first ever started school in Pre-K. My immigrant parents were extremely frustrated with why I am the way I am and thought I was simply slacking like my old teachers assumed as well. Finally while attending college preparatory school in Upper Marlboro, a counselor there suggested I should see a psychologist to figure it out even though he doesn’t accept insurance. So I started going there and started opening up to Dr. Roth about things I went through that I never told people including my parents. After a few weeks of examination, He broke it down to them and told them I have Asperger’s syndrome. I had it for my entire life. I was just never properly diagnosed since autism was non existent to many people. He told them not to except me to graduate from high school let alone college and even hold a steady job and live independently. It was the worst day of my parents life to this day. But I was determined to prove him wrong. 13 years later, I managed to finish high school and college twice against all odds.