Day 44: Cicely Tyson

Yesterday, there was some unexpected news that legendary actress Cicely Tyson has passed away at the age of 96. Before there was Viola Davis, Vivica A Fox, Halle Berry, Kerry Washington and many more, there was Cicely Tyson and Dihanne Carroll that was dominating Hollywood during the golden era and segregated era. Before both of these ladies, Black actresses were required to pimps, hos, maids and housewives. Roles that considered to be one dimensional and standing by the male character counterpart. Cicely came along and changed all of that. No matter how many times she was told no, she insisted on tackling that were rich and complex like the male roles. Her trailblazing performances made a lasting impact not only on the black community but on Hollywood as well. The next generation of black actresses have followed her lead after that. She continued to dazzled the audiences for seven decades and had different fans from all ages and credences praising her work from different projects she’s done. Along with Dihanne Carroll, Cicely has transcended what black women are supposed to seen accurately on screen. We commend her for trailblazing performances for decades. Without her, 95% of the black actresses wouldn’t have the longevity like she and Dihanne. Rest on, Cicely. Job Well done. #roots #tylerperry #cicelytyson #movies #janepittman #tv #television #blackactress #oscars #films #blackactresses #trailblazer #pioneer #miniseries #emmys #pavingtheway #influencer #heroes #blackhistoryfacts

Day 43: Randall Pearson

Sterling K. Brown’s portrayal of Adopted son and brother Randall Pearson on NBC series This is Us has been the most accurate portrayal of a three dimensional African American man that I’ve seen for our generation in television let alone network television. I felt like I seen myself in Randall in a lot of ways when it comes to anxiety, not opening, impulsivity, pleasing others, being an outsider in the family, wanting to stand out. Obviously people including the audience have a tendency to label him as selfish, controlling and consuming things and not always likable. But actors are more drawn to characters let alone a series that not only speaks to them personally but also reflects what is really going in the families and society as a whole. I can relate to Randall because I felt the need to set my dreams aside because I felt it was right thing to do something practical ( but like him, I was wrong). I never expressed my vulnerability to anyone in the family because I was deeply ashamed ( it was a huge mistake ) I can emphasize with him when it comes to impulse. Sometimes you think rationally and don’t even think about the repercussions of your choices you make. That happens in all cases including me. Sure I don’t always agree with his choices that he makes but that’s part of the complexity of rich, flawed characters. So I commend SKB for embodying a character that is not only deeply human but also someone every brother see themselves off and on screen. #blog #blogger #sterlingkbrown #thisisus #nbc #skb #anxiety #panicattacks #actors #blackactors #inspiration #socialcues #impulse #threedimensional #acting #drama #complexcharacters #flawedcharacters #relatble #outsider #vulnerability #expressyourself #africanamerican #potrayals #mirroringlife #society #familydrama #tv #television #networktv #human

Day 42 : Simple Things

Most of the time whenever I go to sleep, I sometimes reflect about my shortcomings as a kid, teen, and young adult. When I bring it up to people, it kind of rubs them the wrong way because sometimes they don’t need to all of those things about me since we are not family or close friends. Also, when I do the same thing to my family, they get really upset because we have discussed before and moved on and bringing up again is only causing another argument for no reason. But for me personally, I never intended to bring up the past to make people uncomfortable and re lived old wounds, I naively assumed that they would be sympathetic and understand where I’m coming from but not all people are like that. In retrospective though, I could have explained my past missteps a lot of better without being too direct but I, like most autistics, think differently. People indirectly for many years believed for a long time assumed that I was numb, that had no heart and feelings because of my impulsivity. But that’s further from the truth. I just didn’t know how to process my feelings properly because of my disability and know right from wrong and was stuck in my own bubble for a very long time to protect myself. By the time I got older and began to fully express all my emotions, I’ve started re remembering my past mistakes and start kick myself over it and realizes my family we’re only looking out for me, not against me. I was just too stubborn emotionally immature to see it then. That’s why I kept bringing up my shortcomings a little too because I wanted to let everyone know that I am not what they think I am, they just thought who I thought I was. But at the end of the day, the past is the past. Don’t beat yourself over it. What’s done is done. Learn from it and be free. I should have learned that lesson a long time ago. I hope you all people will learn from this. #blog #blogger #shortcomings #mistakesarelessons #mistakes #autismawareness #lessons #lessonlearned #haveaheart #numb #feelings #family #pastmistakes #define #letitgo #befree #alienation #moveon #care #recollections #reremembering #reflections #ignorance #impulse #smallthings #smallstuff

Day 41: Kamala Harris

On Saturday November 7, 2020, History has been made once again. For the very first time in American History, a black woman, a Jamaican woman, South Asian woman, daughter of immigrants, has been elected to become Vice President of The United States of America. 12 years ago, I was astounded that we had an African American for a President in our lifetime and that made an impact to the world for a lifetime and was an inspiration for black guys to reach for powerful positions, not become what people expect them to become: minorities and statistics. Now young black girls can do the same thing after this historical election and they can be whatever they want to be and not let the naysayers get to them anymore. The window glass has been broken once again and hopefully under Biden’s administration, things will get more peaceful and united, not divided and chaotic like it was under trump’s administration. I won’t be surprised if there was a female president in a couple years later. I commend Kamala Harris for proving that black girls can be as powerful in the White House like Barack did for black guys like me. We are hopeful you’ll do a fine job keeping the USA safe again. #pakistan #jamican #hbcupride #blog #blogger #blackgirls #immigrants #howarduniversity #howard #kamalaharris #kamalaharris2020 #joebiden #harrisbiden2020 #barackobama #presidency #blackpride #covid_19 #blackpeople #southasian #jamaica🇯🇲 #childofimmigrants #indian

Day 40: Outside People

Day 40: Outside people — One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned so far is outside people don’t really want to know anything specific about yourself. They would rather just let them move on with their lives and not burden them with something that has zero to do with them. Our biggest disadvantage with having autism is that when tell strangers that we have it without knowing how uncomfortable they will feel. They would look at you like you’re nuts because none of them have ever experienced something or someone with sever disabilities before and they just don’t want to know these things. So autistics: be very careful about how open you are when telling people about yourself. Some may understand but nearly most of them would be completely turn off since you are not really affiliated with them in any capacity and they would just look at you in a different way from now on. Not everyone needs to know about your struggles. They don’t what it’s like except you and your family. Family cares but the outside people just don’t. It sucks but that’s how the world works. #blog #blogger #autism #autismawareness #aspergerssyndrome #struggles #severedisabilities #disability #strangers #openbook #expressingmyself #vulnerability #impulsive #outsidepeople #familyiseverything #family #overthinking #lessismore #hardlessons #classmates #fakefriends #kids #teens #socialmedia #confessions #highschool #dontcare #dontcareanymore #lettinggo #movinon

Day 39: Vulnerability

Day 39: Vulnerability— Expressing my vulnerability has never been my forte when I was growing up. For years, a lot of people outside of the family assumed that I was a robot because I didn’t fully understand empathy, sympathy, irony, sarcasm and body language. Eventually, as I enter into my 20s, I started showing my vulnerability but just at the wrong place: social media. I told some deep stuff to people from social media who didn’t really know every inch of me except at school and they very uncomfortable and started blocking me as a result. Granted, they would rather remember for who I was back in high school, not for things that has nothing to do with them. Just check on them and wish them well with life. Also, I have had a hard time correctly expressing being vulnerable for the right reasons because most of my life, I have been a person with little to say. I always wanted to talkative like my dad is. But my approach is less than stellar, like my vulnerability. So autistics: while it’s okay to show your true colors, you gotta be careful with who you’re expressing it to because not everyone wants to hear what you have to say. Sometimes it’s better to keep things to yourself than telling them everything too deep and personal. That’s the main lesson I’ve learned. #strength #depression #growthmindset #acceptance #poetry #relationaltrauma #hope #loveyourself #emotionskills #gratitude #truth #motivation #resilience #support #meditation #blog #autism #vulnerability #approach #mistakesarelessons #mistakes #truecolors #vacant

Day 38: Chadwick Boseman

Day 38: Chadwick Boseman — I, along with the rest of the black community, was extremely shocked and heartbroken by the unexpected death of the best actors of our generation. The entire world know him for his breathtaking performances with real life figures like James Brown, Jackie Robinson, etc. Black people like myself saw him on tv roles and always been awe of his charisma on screen and how he disappeared into his roles. But what truly put him on the map was his unforgettable performance on the marvel blockbuster Black Panther, the first black superhero. Little did we know, he was having on going battles with stage 3 colon cancer that transitioned into stage 4, which eventually scummed him into his death. But he never let those battles let him prevent from keep on doing what he truly loves until his body couldn’t do it. I’m very devastated that we won’t see what does next with his rising career. He could have build a strong resume like our hero Denzel Washington. He definitely influenced a generation of actors and inspiring ones on the way due to his caliber of great performances that he left behind. Thanks for doing what you love and being my favorite actor of my generation. 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿💔💔💔💔💔💔✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿 #blog #blogger #blacklivesmatter #blackcommunity #acting #denzelwashington #howarduniversity #blackpanther #wakandaforever #wakandaforever✊🏾 #wakanda #marvel #marvelcomics #avengers #actors #inspiration #generations #2020 #cancer #blacksuperhero

Day 37: Kanye West

Day 37: Kanye West— Since 2004, I have been a massive fan of Kanye’s music because it’s always been quality, raw and honest and eclectic. His first 5 albums have been considered masterpieces in music history, not just in hip hop. He’s always been musical genius in everything he does since he came out. However, the tides have turned once started making controversial choices including the infamous vmas interruption 2009 which caused a major uproar in the world forever. People have started to degrade him for that incident and that doesn’t end there. In 2018, the deplorable comments he ever made was about Harriet Tubman and that slavery was a choice. That officially made me stop being a Kanye West fan period. To me, he’s now a digusting human who doesn’t think clearly. Granted, he’s hasn’t been himself since his mother’s passing years ago but that doesn’t mean he should say whatever you want and do whatever you want without even considering what this will do to your close knit circle. That’s sociopathic to me. Because of that, he’s ill equipped to be president at any term whatsoever just like current president Donald trump. If he ever gets elected, more people will die than in 2020. Kanye West is definitely a disgrace not only to music, politics but to the world in general. I’m Anti-Kanye. #vmas2009 #vmas #kanye #kanyewest #ego #unstable #impulsive #harriettubman #slaveryisachoice #slavery #antikanye #politics #mentahealth #presidenttrump #trump #taylorswift #blog #blogger #grief #music #hiphop #controversy #humble #humblepie #covid19 #death

Day 36: Don’t look back

I’ve learned eventually is to stop apologizing for past missteps I’ve made through my teenage years through my 20s. Also don’t dwell on it, bring it up again to people and family. It is best to not look back but look forward. I have had a habit of telling people about my past missteps and they indirectly didn’t want to know and told me to leave them alone. It has nothing to do with them. So why should I tell them these things? Past missteps are rare. Just learn from it and not do it again and move on. That’s what I learned the hard way. Look forward. #past #blog #missteps #mistakes #flaws #movingforward #blogger #autism #badhabits #movingon #humble #lookingahead #neverlookback

Day 35: Overly Curious

From the time I can actually speak, I have had very poor social skills and said things to people who take it wrong way and started picking on me as a result. Autism makes you makes you think things differently and not think like normal people do. One of my weaknesses is asking people, classmates, family members and friends about something that is too sacred, personal and painful and not something they are comfortable talking about. My family insisted I shouldn’t push the questions about the past. I should just let it and move on. If you don’t, people will misinterpret it as if I’m stalking them and wanting to know everything about them. That’s the last thing you want. Of course I don’t mean harm at all and I am a good overall person. But sometimes less is more when it comes to conversations with people you hardly know. I’m working twice as hard on shedding this habit. #blog #blogger #autism #socialcues #social #sociable #conversationstarters #conversations #curiosity #curious #toocurious #aspergers #uncomfortableconversations #lessismore #badhabits #past